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Celebrating Life Decades After Breast Cancer

Beverly McKee, MSW, LCSW

Imagine the hope and comfort you will feel surrounded by forty inspiring breast cancer survivors as they share stories of celebrating life twenty, forty, even fifty years after diagnosis. You’ll be welcomed into an inner circle of support as each woman shares her personal journey through breast cancer and insight about why she believes she has thrived for decades beyond diagnosis. Whether you are a survivor, caregiver, family member, friend or part of an oncology team, this book will help quiet fear, calm anxiety and offer the priceless gift of hope!

This book will:
 *Offer hope and insight into long-term survival after a breast cancer diagnosis 
 *Provide real-life stories of long-term survival for oncology teams to share with their patients.
 *Dare you to consider how breast cancer or any other life challenge can be used as a catalyst for positive change.
 *Reassure you that you are not alone in your journey with stories of women who understand the fear and how they have celebrated life throughout the decades.
 *Provide insight into how a positive attitude can transform your journey through any challenge in life.
 *Challenge you to explore your faith in God, self, and others and how that relationship has been impacted after a cancer diagnosis.
 *Encourage you to examine the way that you view statistics and to consider the possibility that you might be the exception when faced with overwhelming odds.  
 *Offer suggestions to cope with cancer from women who have survived twenty to fifty years after their own breast cancer diagnosis.



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Bobbi Hanks learning to surf twenty nine years after being diagnosed with breast cancer!
Linda Radick cradling the baby that doctors told her she would never be able to conceive after treatment for breast cancer in 1982.
Diagnosed in 1992, doctors told Dr. Jacqueline Kerr that she had months only months to live. She later walked out of hospice and shared her scars in a magazine to inspire fellow survivors to be proud of their bodies, even after a bilateral mastectomy.
Karen celebrating life on her 60th birthday, decades after breast cancer!