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change your perspectiveIt’s amazing how one’s perspective can change when dealing with any crisis in life, especially a health crisis. The initial days are always the hardest, often filled with shock and a wide range of emotions. As time marches on, we fall into a routine of a “new normal” and our perspective changes. This has been the case for every survivor that I’ve spoken to about their journey through breast cancer.  

Initially, my doctors didn’t think I would need radiation. We thought my tumor was small, so a bilateral mastectomy and chemotherapy would be my treatment plan. I was very disappointed when the unexpected pathology report resulted in the need for radiation. As time has passed, not only have I accepted the need for radiation, but I am eager to begin this last step of breast cancer treatment.

I will have 28 treatments...every day...Monday through Friday for the next six weeks. The treatments take about 15 minutes and the side effects are general fatigue towards the end of treatment and skin irritation/burning/peeling at the radiation site. Minor, compared to chemo and surgery but 28 days of treatment is a significant amount of time.

28 days...six will I remember my radiation treatment? Obviously, I would rather be doing something besides radiation. I would rather not have cancer. But those things are out of my control. So, I am going to make the best of my 28 days with the goal of inspiring my fellow survivors, family and friends. I plan to share positive quotes, pictures and stories of hope with my followers during each of my 28 days of radiation. I will use my treatment time wisely while lying with my arm over my head, under a huge machine that revolves around my chest killing any dormant cancer cells. I plan to brainstorm and develop tidbits of inspiration and hope during that time and I will share them with all of you via this blog, Facebook and Twitter.

I challenge each of you to change your perspective about a struggle you are currently having in your life. Make the best of each day, because we all have a limited amount of days to live. When you wake up each morning, ask yourself how you want to remember that day...this is especially important on special days, such as a birthday. Let me know if you change some aspect of your life based on this idea...I’d love to hear the outcome.

Stay tuned tomorrow for my first day of radiation and my first quote along with a picture I took of the babbling creek in my subdivision. I’d love to hear your feedback as we travel through my time of radiation/inspiration over the next six weeks.

Let’s get this radiation party started!

Thanks for reading!

Beverly McKee, MSW, LCSW

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