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danger zoneIf you are anywhere near my age, you are likely singing, “Highway to the Danger Zone”...the very famous song from the 80’s movie, Top Gun. Sorry to disappoint, but my blog does not involve Tom Cruise or stealth fighter planes. A few stealth cancer cells, perhaps...

Last week, my radiation oncologist told me that I was entering “The Danger Zone” for my skin during my last week of radiation. It’s funny how this warning never even fazed me. The thing is, I’ve been living in the danger zone since October 17, 2012...the day I found out that I have breast cancer.

Three surgeries, 16 weeks of chemotherapy, 27 radiation treatments (#28 is tomorrow and I will be DONE) and a big ball of emotions wrapped into a two word diagnosis: breast cancer. Now that I am about to complete treatment, I am facing a new danger zone: moving past breast cancer.

After being under constant supervision by nurses, doctors, blood tests, body scans, etc for nearly 8 months, I will walk out of radiation tomorrow and be on my own. I’m ecstatic; but quite frankly, it’s a little bit frightening...a whole new danger zone.

Many women struggle with this phase of breast cancer treatment. The imminent crisis is over and the reality of being diagnosed with a potentially life threatening disease sinks in. I know this to be the case for many women so I have tried to experience my emotions throughout the process. If you are in the midst of treatment, I recommend that you take a little time every day to ask yourself how you are feeling on an emotional level. Experience your feelings and remember that you are not alone. Find support through friends, fellow survivors, a support group or connect with survivors throughout the world on our Facebook page. We share stories and give and receive support.

Wish me luck as I leave the danger zone of breast cancer treatment and venture back out into the world on my own. I am looking forward to having time to relax with my boys this summer and heading to my favorite beach! I wish you luck as you face your Danger Zone, whether it is breast cancer treatment, facing life after treatment or any other health issue.

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