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Navigating the Storms of Life

Navigating the Storms of Life

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When’s the last time a personal crisis impacted your life? Were you prepared? Imagine having a plan of action to guide you through emotional aspects of navigating the storms of life.

Our society prepares at length for meteorological storms with the help of forecasts, emergency alert systems and weather tracking systems. The type of storm dictates our preparation and response. Coastal communities monitor hurricanes at sea, securing their homes and stowing outdoor furniture safely inside while deciding if they should evacuate or stand their ground. A pending snowstorm in the Midwest creates an interesting phenomenon of empty bread and milk aisles throughout the city. Salt trucks fuel up and everyone waits with bated breath for the first snowflake. Tornado shelters sit empty for years until that moment they are essential for survival.

The time, effort and money spent preparing for weather is astounding yet have you ever considered the advantage of preparing for the personal storms that enter your life? Some are catastrophic and hit without warning: a debilitating car accident, serious medical diagnosis or unexpected loss of a loved one. We’re left reeling as we crawl out from our shelter and stand amidst the ruins of an unrecognizable life. Other storms brew for months: a divorce after a long, unhappy marriage or job loss after a tedious merger. The anticipation of trying to decide to stay the course or abandon ship is often more stress evoking than the actual event. Some of the most challenging storms are the smallest ones:   an annoying coworker, unappreciative child or dissatisfaction with a job.

One thing is certain. These storms will always be a part of our lives. Navigating the Storms of Life offers an arsenal of tools needed to develop a plan of action to cope more effectively with the storms at hand or those looming in the future.

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