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Who Are We?

Strategic Navigation is a corporate consulting company specializing in social service agencies.  We have twenty five years of experience in leadership, business development, change management and strategic implementation.   

Our Mission  

Our mission is to partner with social service agencies to help them navigate organizational challenges with strategic, mission-focused solutions.  Put simply, we help solve problems.

Our clients come to us with challenges of varying scope but all have the common purpose of providing service to others.  We understand that every organization is unique which is why we tailor our services to their needs.  Whether brainstorming with the president of a multi-million dollar organization or helping a small nonprofit agency increase revenue, we are passionate about helping our clients overcome challenges so they can focus on making the world a better place.

About Our Founder

Beverly McKee, MSW, LCSW is a dynamic, results driven social service executive with a wealth of experience helping companies navigate challenges.  Throughout her twenty five year career, she has been accountable for driving business and revenue growth, spearheading comprehensive organizational changes and strategic planning/implementation.  A deep understanding of the need to balance mission with profitability has allowed Beverly to guide companies to unparalleled success.

A licensed mental health therapist by training, Beverly is a published author with a worldwide platform and a  professional/motivational speaker.  Her unique blend of expertise and training have enabled her to become a change agent for multi-million dollar agencies throughout the region.

Beverly’s writing has appeared in publications throughout the world, including the New York Times and a variety of magazines.  Her award winning blog and professional speaking appearances have drawn attention from both traditional and social media.

Based in St. Louis, Missouri, Beverly works with companies throughout the nation.  She is the primary consultant for Strategic Navigation, occasionally calling upon the expertise of her team of colleagues as needed.  

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Who can we help?

We work with all sizes of social service companies including but not limited to the following:

  • Nonprofits with a mission of serving othersBusiness group smiling 2
  • Residential facilities
  • Outpatient facilities
  • Adult day care centers
  • In-home care centers
  • Hospitals
  • Nursing homes
  • Cancer centers
  • Schools
  • For profit agencies providing service to others

Services Offered

After an initial meeting to discuss your company’s needs, we will prepare an extensive proposal outlining exactly how  we can help with time frames, costs and flexible options.

Program evaluation

We take a unique approach to program evaluation with confidential interviews and focus groups throughout every level of the organization.  The simple act of open, honest communication is often overlooked in our technology laden, fast paced world.  Particularly useful in pre or post-merger environments, we identify problems, discover areas of resistance and create a tailored, strategic plan for improvement based on our findings. 

Executive sounding board

We ask questions, listen to answers and bring an independent perspective to discuss organizational challenges and brainstorm solutions with your executive team.  We schedule private sounding board sessions with chief executive officers/executive directors to examine difficult issues with complete confidentiality.  Addressing the age old truth that “it’s lonely at the top”, our unbiased feedback and executive insight offers clarity and vision for decision making.

Employee engagement and retention

corporate services offered

Navigating the world of employee engagement and retention in the field of social services is one of the most challenging aspects of successfully fulfilling a mission.  Organizations often ask employees to perform the difficult task of serving others for minimal compensation and yet those front line staff are the soul of any social service agency.  A poor culture can decimate the entire organization but many leadership teams are too mired in putting out fires to notice changes within the culture.   We will evaluate your workforce and formulate strategic solutions so that all levels of your organization are energized and excited to fulfill your mission.

Increased Revenue Generation

Revenue generation is vital to the long term success of any company.  We assess current/proposed programs and develop a strategic plan to increase revenue generation.  Often underestimated, a nonprofit mindset sometimes brings misconceptions about the importance of balancing mission with money.  We can address cultural resistance and help unify your team.

Business Development and Marketing

Business development is a key to longevity within any organization.  We can help with market evaluation as well as the development and/or implementation a multifaceted strategic marketing plan to increase your client base.

Executive Project Management

As companies face new challenges, executive teams often lack the time and/or expertise to tackle executive level projects.  We can assist your company by directing, developing and managing complex projects through completion.



 “I wanted Beverly to come in and help us look at the program in a new way and that’s exactly what she did.”

~ Jeanne Marshall, Vice President, Easter Seals Midwest

“Beverly McKee is a results-driven professional with executive level insight.  We have utilized several of her areas of expertise including executive project management and marketing.  Beverly’s extensive experience in leadership and business development enable her to be an excellent sounding board for executives looking for unbiased, honest feedback. 
After an in-depth discussion of our needs, she was able to visualize our strategic initiative, develop a comprehensive plan and execute the project on-time, under budget, and with the results that we had sought.  In terms of marketing, she helped us develop a dynamic marketing strategy which allowed us to share our mission while increasing our referral base, resulting in revenue growth.  Beverly has a unique ability to connect with all levels of our management team as well as our clients.   
I recommend Beverly McKee to any social service agency needing marketing or executive project management.” 

~Ron Ekstrand, President and Chief Operations Officer, Life Skills

“Beverly is insightful and helps process major moves within my organization. While my executive team is incredibly talented, they all bring their own agendas when discussing budget cuts and leadership changes. It’s human nature to protect your own programs and that’s why an executive consultant is so helpful. Beverly offers a fresh overview and isn’t afraid to challenge my thinking. She respects my need for confidentiality and is an invaluable part of my team.”

~ Anonymous, Chief Executive Office of a large non-profit in the bi-state area.

"Beverly is a joy to work with.  She demonstrates professionalism and enthusiasm with every single contact. Her ability to take a complex agency need and turn it into a measurable, efficient, solution focused project is amazing! Beverly is trustworthy, insightful and passionate about the work she does." 

~Michelle Seliner MSW, LCSW. Chief Operating Officer, S.A.F.E.  ALTERNATIVES

“Beverly is a proven leader who successfully developed and implemented plans that led to the success of the programs she directed. She was particularly successful at building a team that met performance goals and forecasts. In a rather short period of time she was able to direct change management that exceeded expectations.

~ Wayne Crull, Former CEO of Edgewood Children’s Services/Partner, WD60

“As the owner of an adult day care, I needed help with my marketing plan and implementation. Beverly McKee helped me take my company to the next level. She listened to my needs, developed a comprehensive marketing strategy and produced consistent results. We had our most successful year due to Beverly’s efforts. She is professional, insightful and always willing to entertain new ideas. I highly recommend her for all of your corporate consulting needs.”

~ Angela Denicola, Owner of BonVivant Adult Day Club

Past Client Solutions

View a partial list of our past client solutions below:


Large nonprofit requested a strategic plan that they could implement to monetize an existing program which had not been generating revenue.  They also needed a plan to increase revenue for a second program.

Developed a multifaceted, strategic plan to monetize the first program which systematically eliminated risk of additional profit loss.  Developed a strategic plan to increase revenue for the second program.


  • Strategic/operational planning.
  • Market evaluation.
  • Plan for monetization/increased revenue generation.
  • Executive sounding board
  • Business development planning.

Executive/leadership team utilized the recommendations of an executive sounding board session and were pleased with the newly developed strategic plan designed to monetize the program and increase revenue.


Large nonprofit agency was struggling with internal cultural issues, budgetary losses, dwindling referral sources, high employee turnover and client care did not meet the organization’s expectation/mission. Program was functioning in a recent post-merger environment.

In depth program analysis and evaluation of the agency’s needs and challenges post-merger. Developed strategic initiatives and a comprehensive plan for change management.


  • Executive sounding board.
  • Culture/organizational assessment
  • Change management in a post-merger environment.
  • Strategic/Operational planning and implementation.
  • Professional speaking.

Executive team utilized cultural assessment findings and recommendations to make critical decisions. After implementing phase one of the project, roles were assigned internally to begin implementation of phase two.  



For profit social service company struggling with profit loss, decreased referrals and the need for improved organizational processes.

In depth systems analysis with recommendations for strategic and operational planning and implementation. Developed and implemented a strategic, multifaceted marketing plan.          


  • Executive project management.
  • Executive sounding board.
  • Strategic/Operational planning and implementation.
  • Business development and marketing.
  • Market evaluation/penetration and expansion.
  • Professional speaking.

Revamped admissions processes and program criteria. Market expansion resulted in record setting admissions and waiting lists for the program.


Social service organization desired an increase in revenue generation for a clinical program with third party payers.

Developed and implemented a strategic, multifaceted marketing plan.   


  • Executive sounding board.
  • Strategic/operational planning and implementation.
  • Business development and marketing.
  • Market evaluation/penetration and expansion.
  • Professional speaking.

Client base with the desired payer source increased exponentially, resulting in waiting lists for the program.


Medium sized, stand-alone residential program was dealing with licensing violations, concerns about upcoming accreditation inspection, internal cultural issues, budgetary losses, dwindling referral sources, client care failed to meet the organization’s expectation/mission. Program was functioning in a recent post-merger environment.

Spearheaded a comprehensive overhaul of the entire program which included collaborating with licensing agency. Developed a strategic, multifaceted marketing plan.


  • Executive sounding board.
  • Culture/climate assessment
  • Change management in a post-merger environment.
  • Strategic/Operational planning and implementation.
  • Business development and marketing.
  • Professional speaking.
  • Market evaluation/penetration and expansion.

Changes in culture resulting in improved client care and increased employee retention. Relationship with licensing body was reestablished with an open door policy. Both licensing and accreditation passed and revenue goals were surpassed.

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